Psychoeducational Evaluations For All Ages With An Emphasis On Strengths:

Cognitive (intellectual), language, memory and learning, executive functioning, and academic assessments, along with input from the client, parents, teachers, and relevant others, helps unravel learning mysteries. Thorough, expert, and compassionate analysis of qualitative and quantitative data leads to answers to long-standing questions about an individual’s ability to learn and succeed in and out of school.
Evaluations are available to individuals and schools. Fees vary and partial scholarships are available based on financial and educational needs.

Executive Functioning And Academic Coaching:

I work with individuals and small groups to improve school success, particularly at the high school and college levels. Individualized coaching is client centered and goal oriented. Setting clear goals and outlining tangible action steps to reach goals are focus points of the work we do. Each individual will create a personal coaching agreement to facilitate success. My role is to offer support, structure, and strategies to empower the client to reach his/her goals.

Identification (Evaluation) And Program Planning For Gifted And Talented Students:

Services are available to help parents understand their child’s learning profile and thus advocate effectively. Assistance is available to help schools meet the requirements of Title 16, Section 2902: (Gifted and talented students can take advantage of what a school’s Educational Support Team can provide).

Professional Development:

Professional development is available to teachers and professors interested in learning about, and acquiring teaching strategies for, those who learn differently. I am able to work with large or small groups to create individually designed in-service experiences that will address your specific questions and/or needs.

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