Is it time yet?

Is it time to demystify the learning challenges that you or your child are experiencing? Psycho-educational evaluations can accomplish this, and as part of the process offer evidence-based recommendations; however, a psycho-educational evaluation is only as good as...

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College Students Plan for Fall

No one plans to fail, rather one fails to plan, or so the saying goes. There is great truth in this statement, and so if you are excited to start your college path on the right foot, consider academic coaching for 6, 8, 10 or more weeks. Academic coaching is a...

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Parenting a gifted child (and, very likely, two)

Having a gifted child is a bewildering experience for a parent. Children differ, their stories differ. But you probably knew when he/she is young that you have an interesting and bright (if often difficult) child. The real problems usually start when the child hits the school system.

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Gifted and Learning Disabled?

For many, the notion of an individual being both gifted and learning disabled is a paradox that is not easily comprehended. These children and adults do exist however, and the identification and teaching of such individuals is a great and immediate challenge to those of us who are evaluators and educators. While the field of gifted/LD is one of potential controversy, research has shown us that these two conditions can, and do, exist simultaneously.

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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be identified at any age and a combination of learning strategies, tools, and accommodations can eliminate the barrier that this learning difference may impose.

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