No one plans to fail, rather one fails to plan, or so the saying goes. There is great truth in this statement, and so if you are excited to start your college path on the right foot, consider academic coaching for 6, 8, 10 or more weeks. Academic coaching is a relationships between me, as coach, and you the student. Together we identify your strengths and any areas that may benefit from strengthening. Areas of focus may include study skills, how to read a text book versus a literature selection, how to take notes, prepare for tests, write papers, organize time and/or materials, improve focus and concentration, diminish procrastination, and acquire techniques to have a balanced life in which there is time for socializing and work. Based on informal inquiry, students are encouraged to set short and long-term goals. My goal is to have every student be independently successful, utilizing efficient and effective strategies, as soon as they are able.